Monitoring and Evaluation of Mental Health Policies and Plans

Monitoring and Evaluation of Mental Health Policies and Plans Monitoring and evaluation are the key processes used for determining whether the goals set in a policy and plan are being realized and for allowing decision-makers to make long- and short-term service- and policy-related decisions and changes. This module examines key aspects of monitoring and evaluation as they relate to a mental health policy and plan, including how to monitor a plan and the different ways to evaluate a policy and plan. It presents a five-step process for conducting evaluations and explains how results of an evaluation can be utilized to improve policies and plans. The module then provides a detailed case study of a policy and plan of a hypothetical country. It describes various ways that evaluation can be used over a period of time to assess and influence policy and the plan that arises from it, including the practical steps involved in policy evaluation and the policy decisions that can be made on the basis of monitoring and evaluations.

This module is part of the WHO Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package. The package consists of a series of interrelated user-friendly modules designed to address the wide variety of needs and priorities in policy development and service planning. Each module addresses a core aspect of mental health.


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