Improving Access and use of Psychotropic Medicines

Improving Access and use of Psychotropic Medicines Psychotropic medications are effective treatments for mental disorders, when used in conjunction with psychosocial interventions. However in many countries the supply of psychotropic drugs is not reliable nor consistent. This module provides practical guidance on how to improve access to psychotropic medicines and promote their effective use. Issues such as the rational selection of drugs, affordability, sustainable financing and the availability of reliable health and supply systems are discussed in order to demonstrate practical ways to promote access. A number of educational, managerial and regulatory strategies to promote the effective use of psychotropic medicines are also highlighted.

This module is part of the WHO Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package. The package consists of a series of interrelated user-friendly modules designed to address the wide variety of needs and priorities in policy development and service planning. Each module addresses a core aspect of mental health.


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